Take A Break, by far the coziest kosher restaurant in town (Antwerp)



Want to take the family out for a terrific kosher meal? Antwerp knows the way to Take A Break, the kosher restaurant with a heart for delicious and freshly prepared kosher food. Our kosher restaurant – situated in the heart of the Jewish quarter – combines kosher products with culinary craftsmanship.




Our authentic kosher atmosphere has everything a real bon vivant is looking for. Our chefs prepare your kosher meal with great care, our service is fast, friendly an thoughtful. To top it all off, you can enjoy your succulent piece of kosher chicken or tasty kosher meat at top prices!




Our menu is divers and extensive: everyone gets to pick their favorite kosher dish. We serve kosher fast food, so even people with cowmilk allergies are most welcome in our restaurant.



Kosher fast food in Antwerp, prepared the way it should be? Visit Take A Break today!


All our meals are prepared with the utmost respect for the highest standards and under the supervision of the rabbinate

of the Israelite community of Antwerp.